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Colored Pencil Drawing


Description: Colored Pencil Art class is aimed at anyone wanting to create art using colored pencil as their media. Participants will begin with step-by step projects that will utilize Prisma color Premier colored pencils. Suggested Jump Start kits available from will be used for initial projects to expose students to different techniques while having step-by-step instructions and examples at hand. In addition to using “white” papers, students will have the opportunity to create colored pencil drawings on colored paper and black paper. Upon completion of initial step by step exercises, students may continue using step-by-step material or create original colored pencil drawings from the student’s own references while receiving additional assistance. Although the class is open to beginner and intermediate level artists, it is recommended that the student has graphite drawing and shading experience. Since each student is treated individually, each will progress at their own pace. Accordingly, there is no set amount of time to complete the lessons.

Colored Pencil Drawing With Ron Grote
 12:30pm – 3:00pm
Age Group: Adult
Price: Four Class Sessions for $45 (or try one time for $12 at the door)
Day: Tuesday